New Custom Text Message Alert Module


If you couldn’t tell already, we like to take our aquariums to a whole new level of “custom”. We’ve just installed a new module on a client’s tank that will alert us by text message on power outages, or any alerts from the Neptune Apex controller. This module was designed, built, and coded in house. Not only does it provide important alerts, it also accepts secure text message commands to make changes to the system.

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  1. The GSM Text Pager: GSM Alert sends a text message to an alphanumeric pager or digital phone with SMS (Short Message Service) support using GSM (Global System for Mobile communication).

  2. In the official Android Creating Status Bar Notifications guide, the example layout file defines a TextView with a black textColor attribute for the notification message.

  3. Why would new parents be so receptive to text message alerts and coupons? Consider how little time new parents have and the appeal of short, sweet text message alerts really makes a lot of sense.

  4. The first 12 lines are basically the same as our initial 9 line example, but we’ve also added the module and told it to listen to our webserver. We’ve also added an empty object variable to store nicknames. When users join the chat their name will be added to that list so that we can always see who is actively in our little chat room.

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