Marine Fish

We obtain our fish almost exclusively from Quality Marine, one of the best marine fish wholesalers in the world.  We choose to deal with Quality Marine because of their commitment to ethical operations and consistent quality.  When visiting our store you will notice the printed tags from Quality Marine which indicate the common and Latin name of the species, date of shipment, and area of origin.

Aquacultured Fish

Quality Marine provides us with an extensive selection of captive-bred fish from North America’s most prominent and ground-breaking marine fish breeders.

Quality Marine works tirelessly to support responsible operators that collect in a sustainable manner and protect the reef habitat. We encourage all industry professionals to do the same. As one of only a few MAC certified importers, we continue to exhibit our commitment to helping make this industry a better one, to help protect our resources for not only the longevity of our trade, but also for the preservation of the environment. We import upwards of 30 shipments to our Los Angeles facility throughout each week to ensure our customers have a steady inventory of the highest quality marine ornamental specimens to order from. We work with our best supply lines exclusively to ensure we maintain consistency, regularity and best fill rates.

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Aquacultured Corals

We currently culture corals in-store, and off-site in our small farming facility.  We also buy aquacultured corals from local coral farmers.  If you are interested in supplying us with healthy, colorful corals, you may contact us for an application.


We carry everything from frags to large colonies of a huge variety of corals, including soft corals, LPS, and SPS corals.

Live Rock

We supply high quality Indonesian live rock.  We obtain a variety of shapes that enable unique aquascaping.  The rock is very porous and provides maximum surface area for biological filtration.

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