We design, install and maintain custom saltwater aquariums in Victoria, BC Canada.  We provide design and installation for projects throughout Canada and the USA.  We view each custom aquarium build as a creative opportunity.  No matter what size or shape, we can build it.  We work closely with clients, designers, and contractors to create outstanding displays for any setting.

In Wall Aquarium

Custom Fish Tank custom fish tank Homeshow Aquarium

Custom Saltwater Aquarium Custom Fish Tank Custom Aquarium

restaurant custom aquarium

Living Art

A reef aquarium will add remarkable appeal to your home or business. It is a conversation piece, an educational experience, and a work of art. It creates a relaxing atmosphere and brings vibrant life to any interior space.

We specialize in live corals and intensely colorful marine fish to create a captivating work of living art.

Custom tank Custom Aquariums

custom fish tanks aquarium install

restaurant reef tank

Corporate Clients

Looking for an impressive aquarium to represent your business?  Our company is trusted by:

Custom Aquarium

Custom Components

Our custom aquariums go beyond the glass.  We often develop and build custom components for our aquariums.  The images below include an automatic canopy lift and controller, an SMS alert system, a Wi-Fi lighting controller, and submersible webcams, all designed and built by us.  No matter what you want in a custom aquarium, we can build it!  Custom electronics, desktop software, mobile apps, computer-controlled systems, advanced plumbing, and custom design and fabrication are within our abilities.

Custom Aquarium Reactor  Automatic canopy lift

automatic canopy lift 3d rendering


Professional Design & Project Management

Whether small or large, your custom aquarium project will be professionally designed and installed.  We coordinate with designers and contractors to bring your project to life.

Crane Lifting Aquarium Aquarium lift by crane

 Custom Aquariums

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Email: sales@blueworldaquariums.com

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