Daily News October 11, 2011

The latest posts from Reef Builders, Advanced Aquarist, and Coral Magazine.

  • Petitition to Stop Hawaiian Fishing Ban
    There have been multiple attempts to shut down Hawaii’s aquarium fishery this year alone, with fears that anti-trade activists may one day succeed with their vocal persistence. There is now an online petition calling the State NOT to ban any form of fishing, instead endorsing responsible fishery management.
  • Lookdown Gyre tank by SEA Atlanta is a very unique concept fish aquarium (video)
    We’ve all seen dedicated lookdown tanks – big tall cylindrical tanks in which lookdown fish, Selene vomer, can swim around in circles ad infinitum without running into any objects or the sides of the tank. The problem is that even in these huge cylindrical tanks the lookdowns still tend to ride the edge of the […]
  • Reef Culture Technologies already beginning to ship a few ‘Hawaiian Cherub’ angelfish
    Without context the image above shows a trio of the ubiquitous Caribbean pygmy angelfish, Centropyge argi, but if we told you these fish were made in Hawaii you might call us crazy. That is until we tell you that these Hawaiian Cherub Angelfish are actually the first captive bred pygmy angelfish from Reef Culture Technologies […]
  • Salifert’s Coralline AminoAcids is a well-kept secret for encouraging stony coral growth
    Salifert’s Coralline Aminoacids has been around for well over a decade so you would think that its amazing stony coral growing powers would be well known to all, but lots of veteran reefers still haven’t heard the good news. As far as we are aware, this amino acid supplement was the first to be available […]
  • Rare and unknown blenny species also pictured in recent description of new Meiacanthus
    Last week saw the publication of the original description of three new Meiacanthus species but this paper also included rarely before seen photos of five other Meiacanthus blennies. The five Meiacanthus pictured include M. vittatus, M. crinitus, M. luteus, M. lineatus and our favorite of the bunch, M. geminatus. The newly described and newly pictured […]
  • Current USA’s TrueLumen LED PadLite is ready to light up your nano on the slim
    The TrueLumen LED PadLite is a bare-bones little housing that makes it easier to put a couple pf Current USA’s linkable LEDs over a small or large tank. We love the sticky slim TrueLumen LEDs which can be easily and neatly inserted in a canopy, under another fixture or even lighting up dark areas of […]
  • B-Box Aquarium video is a close up highlight of the coveted Gramma dejongi
    We knew it would only be a matter of time before the Japanese rare fish powerhouse B-Box Aquarium got their hands on the coveted Gramma dejongi. It is almost a given that any Gramma dejongi appearing in Japan will be sold before it even lands no matter how astronomical the price, and especially so with […]
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