Daily News October 12, 2011

The latest posts from Reef Builders, Advanced Aquarist, and Coral Magazine.

  • SEA Atlanta filtration room is pimped out with MRC Commercial reef equipment
    There are fish rooms and then there are filter rooms – SEA Atlanta’s dedicated chamber of life support is an excellent demonstration of a lot of My Reef Creation Commercial equipment. Unlike the coral propagation room that we showed this morning which focuses on how much corals can be grown and displayed, this filter room […]
  • Urgent Call to Vote for Continued Collection in Hawaii

    Care about protecting the sustainable aquarium collection trade in Hawaii?

    Read the note below from Chris Buerner and please vote in this poll today.  (At the writing, the anti-collection forces are winning.)

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  • Branching Favites complanata from Darwin Australia is more colorful than Australogyra
    Like the unusual Darwin Micromussa before it, some newly imported colonies of branching Favites complanata from Darwin is also sporting a very unique appearance. Favites complanata is actually very common in the trade, often appearing brown with more moderately deep green corallites but the colony overall appears ball-shaped, encrusting or semi massive. The branching F. […]
  • Dr. G’s Anti-Parasitic fish food a great idea, we’re hoping it works
    Dr. G’s Anti-Parasitic Rx frozen fish food is a welcome idea in the hobby and we’re hoping it works. Most parasitic treatments merely treat the water hoping for delivery of medications from absorption or from using copper chemicals that are devastating to sensitive invertebrates. Dr. G’s took the approach of treating the fish food with […]
  • This adult yellow belly blue tang looks wildly different from its Pacific counterpart
    Before this past weekend we would have been first in line to dog on the usually pale yellow belly regal blue tang, Paracanthurus hepatus, from the Indian Ocean. While visiting Marine Designs near Atlanta Georgia, among some of the awesome aquariums and livestock we spotted a very large regal blue tang from across the fish […]
  • Dr. G’s Marine Aquaculture includes phytoplankton, oyster and copepod products
    Dr G’s Marine Aquaculture is a new aquarium company offering up some liquid foods for reef tanks made from phytoplankton, oyster and copepods. In addition to the Oyster Magnifique and Live Tiger Copepods, Dr. G’s first product to be spotted in the wild is the live phytoplankton feed which is refrigerated a-la DT’s phytoplankton and […]
  • Machado de Sousa’s Coral Maternity is a quite impressive garage fish room
    When you think of a fish room, a long line of 20 gallon-ish aquariums on 2×4 racks usually come to mind. These systems do certainly get the job done, one just needs to look at Joe Lichtenbert‘s old fish room to see what we are talking about, but are usually not the most aesthetically pleasing. This Portuguese […]
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