Daily News October 14, 2011

The latest posts from Reef Builders, Advanced Aquarist, and Coral Magazine.

  • Spin Stream rotating return nozzle by Innovative Marine is available separately
    When we first spotted the Spin Stream in Innovative Marine’s promotional video for their Nuvo Aquarium we had a hunch that this nifty little device would be sold separately, and now we have proof. On a recent to Denver-area LFS Aquamart we saw a couple examples of the Spin Stream rotating return nozzle packaged and […]
  • BridgeLux teams up with Molex to bring snap-in LED lights closer to reality
      A little over a year ago we wrote about the BridgeLux Helieon fixture offering a snap-in, interchangeable LED light fixture and today we’ve gotten news that BridgeLux has teamed up with Molex to bring this interchangeable LED closer to market. Right now most LED lights for the home cost a heck of a lot of money […]
  • Rhinecanthus cinereus: A closer look at one of the rarest aquarium triggerfish
    One of the best parts about traveling to aquarium events like the House of Fins annual SPLASH event is to see rare, unusual or show size marine animals but in the case of their Mauritius triggerfish it was all three. Only very recently have we seen an increase in the imports of reef fish from […]
  • CoraLed brings LED lights from across the pond
    CoraLed is a relatively new company building LED aquarium light fixture in the UK that will build your lights to order in lengths up to 10 ft. Granted, most hobbyists won’t need that much span but its good to know companies are willing to give you more than just a standard fixture to make you […]
  • Reef tank by Furious Fish captures the ethos of focused fish and coral aquariums
    Mr. Furious Fish is an aquarist after our own reefing heart, as demonstrated in this simple reef aquarium which is more fish and coral than it is reef. With a bare minimum of live rock to support his corals, the display of Furious Fish is mostly dominated by a view of active fish, lots of […]
  • A solitary female can spawn entire guppy populations
    In more guppy news, these tropical fish – native to Central and South America – now inhabit outdoor waters on every continent except Antarctica. Science explains why: Females are able to store sperm for months on end, and all it takes is a lone female to colonize a waterway. This also serves as a cautionary reminder.
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