Daily News October 18, 2011

The latest posts from Reef Builders, Advanced Aquarist, and Coral Magazine.

  • Reef Angel working on RF Expansion Module to control Ecosmart Vortech pumps
    The Ecotech RF expansion module for the Reef Angel controller is the latest accessory for the only open aquarium controller on the market. The new RF module designed for EcoSmart Vortech pumps will join the Reef Angel’s two channel dosing pump and relay expansion module as part of a small but growing roster of add […]
  • Key LED K3 lighting adds SPS power bar, custom colors, dimmability to the “Chinese box” mix
    At first glance the KEY LED K3 LED aquarium light looks like any other Chinese box LED light but looking at some of the specs and features, its good to see the K3 LED taking a step away from the massive array of white and blue 1W LEDs. Included in this version is the ability […]
  • Nano and Mini media reactors from CPR work exactly as we’ve seen
    We’ve already showed you the new tiny media reactors that CPR has been working on for quite some time, and after using both the mini and nano media reactors for a little bit, we can tell you that the active churning pattern of the biopellets is no coincidence. We’ve already seen CPR’s video of the […]
  • Video of the yellow belly blue tang shows off this perfect veteran aquarium fish
    It’s no secret that we are currently enjoying a crush on a veteran aquarium fish, the eight-inch yellow belly blue tang that we first spotted at Marine Designs in Suwanee, Georgia. The personality of this old aquarium fish and the unique coloration was too much to resist and the yellow belly blue tang is now […]
  • Whales are major players in marine ecosystems for twice as long as they are alive
    It is intuitive and obvious that an animal as large as a whale would be important to marine ecosystems when they are alive, requiring tons of food per day to stay alive, but the body of a whale is just as long lived when it dies. Nothing is wasted in nature, and this is even […]
  • New Fluval EDGE 46L aquarium is twice as tall and double the volume
    The Fluval EDGE 46L is the first addition to the line of six-sided aquariums from Hagen. The original six gallon, 23 liter EDGE has been widely praised for its unique design which has been used to build innumerable stylish little nano aquariums, and even a few of them reef tanks. The new 46L Fluval EDGE […]
  • Greco Aqualabs C6 Granular Activated Carbon
    Greco Aqualabs C6 is a new coal based granular activated carbon available through ReadyAquatics.com. This phosphate-free GAC is marketed as “the best quality and best value carbon” capable of removing more chemicals than other GACs available to aquarists
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