Daily News October 19, 2011

The latest posts from Reef Builders, Advanced Aquarist, and Coral Magazine.

  • Marine Depot unboxes the Ecotech Marine Radion XR30w
    Marine Depot has posted the first photos for the unboxing of Ecotech Marine’s Radion retail package. They are anticipating arrival of their first shipment as early as this Friday, with half of the initial shipment already sold to pre-orders. The Radion Premium Hanging Kit is also expected to arrive at the same time. View more photos after the jump.
  • Release the kraken?
    For the last week or so, the popular science press has been gushing over the announcement that besides a giant Triassic kraken killing and eating giant ichthyosaurs, it not only arranged their bones after but even arranged their bones in what may be the very first self portrait. How exciting! A huge, intelligent, self-aware cephalopod […]
  • Arcadia Eco-Aqua 30W LED spotlight gets more video love
    We have a bit more detail on the Arcadia Eco-Aqua 30W spotlight we got a sight of a few weeks ago from Aqua 2011. The more we look at this light, the more we appreciate it. Looking to mimic and replace a traditional metal halide lamp, the Eco-Aqua focuses a powerful point of light from […]
  • Attack of the Killer Seaweed
    Seaweed can definitely have the “touch of death” when they come into contact with corals – choking out and killing once lush areas and turning them into algae wastelands. Are the reefs simply being choked out by the invasive seaweed or are they also being chemically attacked?
  • Trio of super rare Chrysiptera traceyi lands at live aquaria
    When we speak of rare fish, damselfish are rarely the first thing that comes to mind because most aficionados would rather collect angelfish, butterflyfish and wrasses. But the trio of Chrysiptera traceyi damselfish that LiveAquaria posted up last night are about as rare as it gets in the family Pomacentridae. Like the Johnson’s fairy wrasse, […]
  • Birdsnest corals do not adapt well to different conditions
    Who owns the Ponape Birdsnest (Seriatopora hystrix)? Some people report their specimens grow very quickly while others report virtually no growth for their corals. A recent study may explain the disparity in your experience with S.hystrix.
  • Reef Threads interviews Richard Ross and Matt Wandell of the Steinhart Aquarium
    On this week’s episode of Reef Threads, Gary Parr and Christine Williams interview Richard Ross and Matt Wandell about the work that they are doing at the Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco, CA.
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