Daily News October 4, 2011

The latest posts from Reef Builders, Advanced Aquarist, and Coral Magazine.

  • Now THAT’s what you call a tigertail coral beauty angelfish
    The photograph of this tigertail coral beauty angelfish didn’t come easy as the Centropyge bispinosa from Mauritius was an active fish. Thankfully, this coral beauty was a large and resplendent specimen with an amazing coloration that was well worth the effort to photograph. This awesome tigertail coral beauty spotted at the House of Fins SPLASH […]
  • Maintaining fish biomass at certain levels can save a reef
    Maintaining fish stocking levels and overall biomass around coral reefs can play a vital role in their survival and prevent their eventual collapse. According to a new study overfishing and the loss of the overall reef biomass can generate a predictable sequence of events that lead to the collapse of reef ecosystems. “The consequences of […]
  • New LED light from UK’s Arcadia gets spied
    We got word of a new nano LED fixture from UK’s Arcadia spied out in the wild over one of the new Eheim Aquastyle Nano tanks. Not much word is out on the fixture but it houses 10 3W Cree LEDs and is available in a marine white 14,000K fixture or a marine blue hitting […]
  • Nudibranch ID – iPhone app to identify nudibranchs from around the world
    Love nudibranchs and own an iPhone? Then this app might be for you.
  • Reef2Reef Contest: Win a Gen 3 Vertex Protein Skimmer
    What better way to start off a work-week than a chance to win free reefkeeping gear? Our friends at Reef2reef.com are running an October contest where the winner will receive a Gen 3 Vertex Internal Pinwheel Skimmer 180 valued at over $300.
  • September 2011’s Most Popular Posts
    In September, we finally saw the Ecotech Radion LED light, witnessed thieves breaking into a LFS to steal upwards of $30,000 in coral and dry goods, observed SPS corals feeding on phytoplankton, and learned of another study that linked activated carbon usage to the dreaded head and lateral line erosion. Here’s a look back at our most popular posts for September 2011.
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