Daily News October 6, 2011

The latest posts from Reef Builders, Advanced Aquarist, and Coral Magazine.

  • Deepwater red Callionymus dragonet fished up from the deep by Blue Harbor
    This red dragonet is an unusual deep water species that was acquired by Blue Harbor Japan and it has a striking red and white coloration. The scooter blennies and mandarin gobies (neither of which are blennies or gobies) get the lion’s share of the aquarium attention in the dragonet family of cool fishes. Only very […]
  • Ghost pipefish at the Steinhart Aquarium doing it again, this time cross breeding.
    Four months ago we shared the ground breaking breeding of the Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Solenostomus paradoxus. Unfortunately none of the rearing attempts have been unsuccessful and the female has since died. The male Solenostomus paradoxus however is now paired up with the Robust Ghostpipefish, Solenostomus  cyanopterus, also residing at the California Academy of Sciences. Against all expectations the two actually started spawning, and […]
  • Early imports of Vietnam mushroom anemones include a few showstopping morphs
    We knew that Vietnam stony corals were coming but who would have thunk that some highly tenticularized forms of beaded Discosoma mushroom anemones would be the first unique corals from that region. The Vietnam mushroom anemones pictured were imported by  Pets Warehouse of Long Island, NY and shared with us with their resident coral fragger […]
  • Hawaii gets another proposal to ban marine aquarium fish collection
    Talk of banning the collection of marine aquarium livestock in Hawaii is back again just eight months since Hawaii’s House Bill 580 was reported here on Reef Builders and only six months since we reported on HB580′s failure. Yet it seems the same proponents behind the initial bill are back at it yet again, trying every […]
  • A peak inside the De Jong Marinelife holding facility
    De Jong Marinelife is one of the largest marine livestock wholesalers in Europe supplying anything from sharks to public aquaria to frags to Local Fish stores and they recently posted the video tour above of their holding facility. Although we did not spot any Gramma dejongi, the facility is just downright impressive. The facility holds […]
  • Let your voice be heard about "Tanked"
    As the Animal Planet hit show “Tanked” rolls into Season 2 in early 2012, now is an excellent time for you to give them your feedback. Contact information after the jump.
  • Disney will re-release "Finding Nemo" in 3D
    With the extremely successful limited theatrical run of “The Lion King 3D,” Disney has decided to release four more animated films – including “Finding Nemo” – in 3D (both in theaters and on Blu Ray). Will we see another round of the “Nemo effect” for our hobby?
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