Daily News September 20, 2011

  • Libra dosing pump video quickly shows off touchscreen and dosers
    The Libra dosing pump from Vertex Aquaristik is just one more indication that dosing pumps are becoming more and more popular for use with reef tanks. Manufacturers are marketing so many different liquid additives these days and reef aquarists are adding more of them to their tanks than ever. Like the ProfiLine dosing tower from […]
  • Pharos LED reaches third generation design, coming to US via CoralVue
    Just over a month ago we shared with you the story of the Pharos LED, a Chinese made LED with a slightly different take on design and features. In the meantime CoralVue has already secured US distribution of the Pharos LED and they’ve also started showing off the third generation of the Pharos LED which […]
  • Mike Hoang’s ‘Thunder’ or ‘Goldflake’ Maroon Clownfish are showing some really promising patterning
    You may recall that about this time last year we were very excited about a misbar Maroon Clownfish being shown off by ORA at MACNA.  Later on, video of this overbarred or piebald Maroon Clownfish morph, strain or oddball suggests that these were in fact derived from Gold Stripe Maroons. While we’ve seen the oddball […]
  • Reef Octopus Cupid the latest internal skimmer from China
    Looks like Reef Octopus is toying around with the notion of an internal nano protein skimmer. Dubbed the Reef Octopus Cupid, the skimmer is mounted internally and uses an open bottom to the reaction chamber with the typical red acrylic touches we’ve come to know from the Chinese company. The Reef Octopus Cupid also is […]
  • Most popular last week
    September 12th-September 18th Pure Reef in Alpharetta, Georgia is a well executed aquarium store Simple, low tech reef tanks can be bliss A closer look at the AI ‘Phoenix’ LED and comparison next to the AI Sol and AI Nano Mike Maddox is a case study in conflict of interest Real Reef branch rock from […]
  • Avantgarde Aquarium Designs
    Design website mocoloco.com proves aquarium designs aren’t confined to traditional bowls and rectangular boxes. While the collection of showcased aquariums may not be the most practical, they allow us to appreciate aquariums as art themselves.
  • Hands on and teardown of the Ecotech Marine Radion LED programmable and wireless reef light
    Ecotech Marine’s Radion XR30w LED light is an aquarium fixture with a very unique design and feature set so naturally, we tore it apart to see what makes it work. The only predictable component inside the Radion XR30w is the EcoSmart wireless daughterboard also found in the Vortech EcoSmart controller, which is neatly paired up […]
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