Daily News September 22, 2011

  • Handson with Blue Harbor’s Full Spectrum edition KR93 EcoLamps LED
    The modified EcoLamps KR93 from 1.023 World and Blue Harbor may not really be ‘full spectrum’ but the diversity of LEDs is definitely a step in the right direction. We got wind that an early prototype of this light would be attending MACNA a couple weeks ago and of course we tracked it down, felt […]
  • Fluval’s Sea Salt available in three sizes and coming very soon
    Fluval is set to make a big push in the saltwater aquatics industry. Their new brand Fluval Sea will have several new products. First up is the Fluval Sea Salt that we covered earlier, the salt will come in three different sizes from your local fish store.  Fluval wants you know that the product is […]
  • Eheim AquaCorner 60 a small, unobtrusive filter for your nano tanks
    The new Eheim AquaCorner 60 is a small internal filter for keeping your nano aquarium crystal clear without sacrificing too much internal real estate. Good for systems from 10 to 60 liters, the Eheim AquaCorner 60 is an mechanical filter that can easily add chemical and biological filtration.The flip open front of the AquCorner allows […]
  • Aquatop USA has a new offering of Plasma lighting (updated)
    The price of Plasma lighting hasn’t come down much but that hasn’t stopped new companies from betting on this promising new technology. Aquatop USA has a new fixture called the Sun on Earth and the $1600 light at least appears to be a more manageable size than the jumbo Seashine fixture from Stray Light, but […]
  • Aquarium fishes are more aggressive in reduced environments, a new study finds
    Case Western Reserve University has sent us a press release about their new study. Dr. Ronald Oldfield concludes something aquarists already know from experience: Fish are healthier and less aggressive in larger aquariums and aquariums with more natural settings.
  • Guest contributor Adeljean Ho weighs in on the Proaquatix Tangerine ocellaris clownfish
    Adeljean Ho was introduced to me by Dr. Matt Wittenrich at MACNA in Orlando. When discussing this fish with Dr. Wittenrich, he suggested that Adeljean had another opinion. After sharing a draft of my opinion post with him, the response from Adeljean was impressive. Adeljean, a PhD student in fish biology & ornamental aquaculture at […]
  • Self-described World’s Smallest Aquarium [UPDATED with video!]
    Nano? Pico? Or some new descriptor we haven’t come up with yet. Russian artist Anatoly Konenko specializes in miniature art and has built a half-thumb-sized glass box aquarium that holds just 10 milliliters (2 teaspoons) of water!

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