Daily News September 27, 2011

  • Oregon blue tort show an exceptional view of acontia filaments in action
    Most reefers are aware of sweeper tentacles that are large and noticeable in LPS corals, but we don’t think about the reach of SPS corals very much. Galaxea, Scapophyllia, Oulogyra and Euphyllia all have large and long-reaching sweeper tentacles that show no mercy when they come into contact with other corals. Acontia filaments are the […]
  • Aqua Medic Nano Breeze, a low voltage cooling fan
    The new Aqua Medic Nano Breeze is an interesting, low-energy nano cooling fan that sips just 1W of power and transfers power to the cooling unit via a pair of conductive metal bars. Taking the approach of both a unique form and function, fan runs on 12VDC and is secured to the aquarium by what […]
  • H2Ocean fluidised media reactor kit comes with everything you need to get your carbon/gfo/biopellets on
    The FMR75 Fluidized Reactor kit is everything you need to get flow around your water polishing media. Having worked more than a decade in retail aquarium stores, we have sold countless media reactors over the years. although it’s always an easy add-on sale that often helps out the customer, we loved selling media reactors but […]
  • A couple fresh Gramma dejongi trickle out to Japan, we’re still wishing
    It’s been a while since we’ve heard any news of Gramma dejongi but it appears that a couple fresh specimens of the Cuban basslet have made their way to Japan. Aqua-Magic has landed two of the newly-described Gramma dejongi by way of DeJong Marinelife and they are being offered up for sale at the very […]
  • Champion Lighting enters solid state lighting with Blueline VHO LED striplights
    Once a purveyor of affordable electronic metal halide ballasts, Champion Lighting’s Blueline brand has finally been harnessed to market some simple LED striplights. The Blueline VHO LEDs are made up of strips of high output one-watt LEDs either in all blue or 50/50 ratios and they come in lengths of 24, 36 and 48 inches […]
  • Aberrant pink-spot firefish is both unique and spectacular
    The firefish, Nemateleotris magnifica, is a staple beauty in the aquarium industry – aberrant firefish however, are not. Having seen hundreds of firefishes all resembling cookie cutter clones of each other over the years, this is the first time that we’ve seen and obtained an aberrant specimen of firefish. Normally, the only pink coloration that […]
  • New ATB Artemia and Plankton Reactor spotted
    ATB has just gone ahead and released a new Artemia and plankton reactor. This reactor, as the name suggests is great for raising your own stock of plankton or artemia for your reef tank. Specifications of the new reactor come up as a 150 mm (5.90 inches) diameter and a height of 720mm (28.34 inches). Retail […]
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