Daily News September 29, 2011

  • Stacking up the AI Nano, NanoBox Reef and Slimline S LED lights
    Now that Aqua Illumination’s AI Nano LED has been thoroughly covered and reviewed, it’s time we stack it up against some other Nano LED lights that are in the same size range. The Slimline S from Sunbrite LED is a thinner and broader light than the AI Nano, and it may be $379 but it’s […]
  • Tunze Stream 6105 fix now available from Tunze, 24v jumper ups the flow to 3300gph
    Tunze has been hard at work getting all the large Tunze Stream pumps flowing up to specification, and a simple fix is already available for the Stream 6105 propeller pump. Current owners of Tunze Stream 6105 in North America can now contact Tunze-USA requesting a 24 volt jumper to replace the previous 18 volt jumper […]
  • Mauritian Triggerfish, Rhinecanthus cinereus, Lands at House of Fins
    Although the genus Rhinecanthus contains seven known species, the so-called “Mauritian Triggerfish” has not, to our knowledge, been imported into the U.S. before. House of Fins of Greenwich, CT secured this colorful specimen, and will have it on hand for their 54th Anniversary sale and speaker event this weekend. With its predominant yellow body coloration, […]
  • Latest Aquatics Jobs
    Customer Support Representative                              Neptune Systems     San Jose, California E-Commerce copywriter for INC 500 Company     Bulk Reef Supply     Golden Valley, MN Aquarium Maintenance Specialist – Aquarist          Reef Tectonics     Omaha, NE Marketing Director          […]
  • Tanked renewed for second 12 episode season, should hit Spring 2012
    Tanked, the now popular TV show about the saltwater aquatics industry we exclusively reported, will be coming back for another season. Discovery Communications, the umbrella company to AnimalPlanet has confirmed that the second season will be bigger and better than the first. With the second season expected to debut in spring of 2012, fans of […]
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