Daily News September 30, 2011

  • Two great aquarium stores in Greenwich CT having big annual sales this weekend
    House of Fins and Greenwich Aquaria are two of the finest retail aquarium stores in the country which we have written about extensively over the years – only LiveAquaria and Old Town Aquarium do as much shaking down of rare marine aquarium livestock. Even if they don’t live in Connecticut, regular readers of Reef Builders […]
  • Rare Lipogramma klayi basslet from Curacao makes it all the way to Bangkok
    It’s always our pleasure to see rare deep water species start showing up in aquarium trade more recently. This time is not a shocking stripe color basslet such as the Candy, but a lesser seen Lipogramma klayi as it is restricted to Curacao. This time the fish is imported by Crazy Aquarium, one of the […]
  • Modular LED makes it easy to be a DIY demon
    Modular LED is taking the pain out of putting together DIY LED aquarium lights. DIY has always been a huge component in the hobby and many people have been doing their own Frankenstein rigs of LED lights. Anyone that’s put together a DIY system will tell you the cost, time and knowledge to do it […]
  • Welcome to Ecoreef Zero, population 1
    Forget everything you know about reef tanks – this is a coral tank. What you see is the very limit of what a coral needs to survive and thrive, neatly packaged into a setup we call Ecoreef Zero. This nano coral aquarium has been running like this for three months over which time the tank […]
  • Fluval Edge Heater is 25 watts of compact heating for nano aquariums
    With nano and pico aquariums gaining popularity every day, it’s nice to find accessories that are proportioned for their needs. Finding appropriately sized heaters for 4-6 gallon aquariums can be a real problem. Fortunately, Hagen offers an unbreakable compact 25- watt submersible heater, marketed under the Fluval Edge brand name, that’s perfect for these smaller […]
  • Detailed information about Tunze Stream pump upgrades to increase flow
    Tunze USA is offering Tunze Stream 2 owners two options to increase the flow rates of their pumps. Current Tunze Stream 2 6105 owners can receive a free 24V jumper to increase flow rate to 3300gph and/or purchase a new wide nozzle. Tunze has also informed us of few upcoming changes to the Stream product line. Many more details after the jump, including instructions, official prices, and dates.
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