Indo Corals Arrived! Closed on Sunday

Holiday hours:
Friday – Open 11am-6pm
Saturday – Open 11am-6pm
Sunday – CLOSED
Monday – Open 11am – 6pm


A fresh order of corals has arrived!  Some amazing pieces of LPS.


Arrival list below:

Plate Green Metalic 1
Orange Akan Pinneaple Crl (S) 1
Plate Orange 2
Finger Green (L) 2
Multicolor Micro coral (M) 1
Elegance Tip Blue/Purple (M) 1
Bubble Coral NEON (M) 3
LongStalk Sun Crl (L) 2
Colt Soft (L) 2
Flowerpot NEON 1
Hairy Mushroorm METALIC Grn (M) 2
Elephant Ear Green Mushroom 1
Soft Finger (L) 2
Plate RED-ISH 1
Kenya Tree Green (L) 2
Red Maxima Coral 2
Met. Red Sinarin coral (S) 2
Ultra Raibow Cali eyes coral 2
Brain Lobo METALIC Yellow/Orange 1
Model METALIC Red,Purple,Orange Mushroom 2
Candy NEON (L) 1
Green Met. Tooth coral (M) 1
Met. Blue Mush cultured (M) 4
Met. Red Mush cultured  (M) 4
Green Giant Cup Mushroom (XL) 6
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