Innovative Marine: Nuvo Aquariums Now Available!

We are blown away by the quality and value of this new line of all-in-one nano tanks!  The Nuvo tanks are available in three sizes: 4, 8, and 16 gallons.  They feature led lighting with moonlighting, complete hidden filtration, and bent glass construction.  Yes, these are glass!

Intro pricing:

Nuvo 4 Gallon $150
Nuvo 8 Gallon $200
Nuvo 16 Gallon $350

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  1. I picked up the Nova 4 today and am blown away at how sleek and beautiful it looks on my computer desk! I did notice however that the very top glass cover with the hole in the center that is supported by brackets seems to noticabley lower the light intensity getting into the tank… which is no issue for me as I just removed it, and I personally preffer the look of it without that glass lid and brackets clipped onto the edge of the tank. Took away from the sleekness in my opinion. The flow that comes from the directional nozzle suprised me aswell. I didn’t expect as much flow in the tank as there is! Now I will be montioring how the soft corals that I have placed in the tank will do in the long run with the LEDs.

  2. Hope you enjoy the tank, Holly! FYI, there is an adjustment dial on the pump if you need it!

  3. Thanks Spencer!! Yea, I noticed that today! Super cool, very handy. The heater we had going in the tank apparently busted at some point in the past and wasn’t quite working properly… had to rush out a few of my coral back to the 33gal and got a new heater. All is well now… and the LR we picked up today is now all set up (I did a pretty wicked scape too… scaping is my favorite part!) 😛 Seeded the Nuvo with a couple pieces of my 1.5yr old LR too, should be up and ready to try out coral again in no time… this time with a working heater! Thanks again! Great little tank I think!

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