Introducing the Bluefish Lighting Controller

Introducing the Bluefish Lighting Controller

We’re proud to present a new line of advanced aquarium electronics.  The Bluefish product line is designed to be user friendly, technologically advanced, and affordable.  Bluefish is a futuristic aquarium controller that you use from your smartphone or tablet.

Here’s a look at the Bluefish Lighting Controller, launching this Spring for $179:


Bluefish can directly control:

  • Meanwell LDD Drivers for DIY LED setups
  • All Meanwell Dimmable LED Drivers for DIY LED setups
  • Kessil A360 Pendants
  • Nano Box LED Fixtures (all models)
  • Anything that accepts a 0-10V, 5V PWM, or 10V PWM signal!

and paired with the PowerPWM accessory, you can control:

  • Ecoxotic Stunner LED products
  • Ecoxotic Panorama LED products
  • Current USA TrueLumen LED products
  • ReefBrite LED Products
  • Innovative Marine LED products
  • Vertex Illumilux LED products
  • Almost any LED product with a standard power supply!

PowerPWM is an inline dimmer that modulates the power to your LEDs with a PWM signal from the Bluefish controller. Essentially, PWM is turning the LEDs on/off much faster than your eye can see. This is the accepted “right” way to dim LEDs, as the spectrum remains the same despite the brightness. PowerPWM will be available as a plug-and-play product, and also in a DIY bare-bones version.


Awesome Features

Location Simulation:

Bluefish makes it easy to replicate the lighting conditions of any location, using actual weather data in real time! Just choose a city, and optionally use the current weather conditions (clouds, storms, etc), sunrise/sunset times (dynamic photo-period), and moon phase!

Webcam Views:

Integrate the video feed from webcams directly into the app! Check up on your tank, make changes remotely, or just have fun showing off….start a thunderstorm and watch the action from anywhere!

Thunderstorms (with actual thunder!)

Start a thunderstorm from the app and lighting strikes are synchronized with audio from a real thunderstorm. Connect your phone or tablet wireless to a Bluetooth speaker for maximum effect!

Ridiculously Easy Setup:

WiFi configuration is extremely quick and easy. Select your network, enter the password, then hold the screen of your mobile device to the sensor on top of the Bluefish device. Your mobile device sends the configuration by flashing the screen (think Morse code). In about 10 seconds, your Bluefish controller is online and accessible from anywhere. Absolutely no router configuration necessary! Programming your light schedule and customizing your channels is a snap.

Future Accessories

Not only is Bluefish an awesome lighting controller, it’s also the base for our vision of a complete aquarium controller. Add-on devices connect to the main unit through the BluePort connector. We’re working on a powerbar, sensors, and a couple surprises! All accessible from anywhere through your mobile device!

diy-led-controller bluefish-led-controller

diy-aquarium-led weather-simulation

Technical Details

  • WiFi connectivity powered by Electric Imp
  • 6 channel output by 0-10V analog, 5V PWM, or 10V PWM via 3.5mm stereo audio connectors
  • Op-amp and low-pass filter (software-selectable) for linear 0-10v output
  • 12V DC switching power adapter
  • BluePort expansion connector

 Get Updates

Bluefish is currently in the final stages of development and slated for release in Q1 2014.  To stay up to date on this new and exciting product line, please enter your information below:

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