Welcome to the GRAND OPENING of our brand new online SUPERSTORE. We are thrilled to bring you the world’s largest inventory of live aquatic animals and supplies at industry-leading prices. From innovative new products to rare and unusual specimens, Blue World Aquariums is truly your one stop solution for all your aquarium needs.

Please read the following IMPORTANT CONDITIONS OF SALE:

  1. Blue World Aquariums take enormous pride in offering you the best pricing available. To accomplish this all prices on our site are in US $. Conversion to Canadian $ will take place via your credit card or Paypal account and final amounts in Canadian $ will depend on prevailing currency conversion rates. Neither Blue World Aquariums nor Littlefish, Inc. will be responsible in any way for conversion rates.

  2. Let us take the guesswork out of importation bureaucracy and red tape for you. Your online order will be for STORE PICKUP ONLY. Please contact Blue World Aquariums at csnow@snowfinefinancial.com for exact shipment arrival dates. There will be a 10% customs surcharge due at the time of pickup.

  3. We abide by international law and ensure that all your corals will be imported strictly according to international CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) regulations. Accordingly, corals will be available on certain weeks only per the availability of Cites Permits. Please contact Blue World Aquariums for coral shipment schedules and species availability.

  4. We take pride in offering you the finest quality possible and all live animals are guaranteed for live arrival only. Your animals will be inspected for vitality and health at the time of arrival and any qualifying problems will be noted at that time and credit issued accordingly. Neither Blue World Aquariums nor Littlefish, Inc. will be responsible in any way for animals that die or become sick after pick up. It is expected that all animals will be acclimated and quarantined strictly per the directions on this web site.

  5. All sales are strictly made per the standard terms and conditions listed on this web site.

By clicking on “shop now”, I acknowledge that I fully understand and accept the above CONDITIONS OF SALE.

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