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December 13th, 2013
Yashia / Stonogobiops yasha / Wild Gobies

Check out the order we just brought in from Quality Marine!  Tons of nano-gobies and inverts, a few tangs we don’t see very often, including White Cheeks, Koles, Red Sea Sailfins, and a Mimic LemonPeel.

Full arrival list below:


Quality Marine Fish & Inverts Arrived!

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November 23rd, 2013
Fathead / Sunburst / Serranocirrhitus latus / Wild Anthias

Awesome shipment including Achilles tang, Sunburst Anthias, a Purple Tang, and Red Chromis!

1100422 Centropyge loriculus Flame Loriculus :: Central Pacific M
1100977 Centropyge tibicen Tibicen, Keyhole :: Eastern Asia M
1100907 Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus Singapore :: Eastern Asia M
Angels MAC Certified
3100102 Centropyge bicolor Bicolor :: Fiji L
3100322 Centropyge bispinosus Coral Beauty :: Fiji S
3100322 Centropyge bispinosus Coral Beauty :: Fiji L
1110322 Pseudanthias bartlettorum Bartlett’s Fairy :: Central Pacific S
1110077 Serranocirrhitus latus Fathead / Sunburst :: Eastern Asia (Select) M
1115090 Gramma loreto Royal Gramma :: East Americas L
1125016 Ecsenius bicolor Bicolor :: South Asia M
1125707 Ecsenius stigmatura Tail-Spot :: Eastern Asia M
1125657 Salarias ramosus Starry :: Eastern Asia L
Cardinals Aqua Cultured
2135056 Pterapogon kauderni Kaudern’s, Banggai :: South Asia M
1140616 Amphiprion percula Percula True :: South Asia L
1150077 Chromis viridis Chromis, Green :: Eastern Asia M
1150117 Chrysiptera hemicyanea Azure :: Eastern Asia M
1150515 Chrysiptera starcki Starcki :: Melanesia M
1150267 Neoglyphidodon crossi Chromis, Red :: Eastern Asia M
1260097 Pictichromis porphyreus Purple :: Eastern Asia M
1125246 Synchiropus stellatus Scooter Red :: South Asia M
1185977 Amblyeleotris randalli Orange Stripe Prawn :: Eastern Asia M
1185347 Amblygobius decussatus Orange Marked :: Eastern Asia M
1185746 Cryptocentrus cinctus Watchman Yellow :: South Asia M
1186217 Eviota pellucida Gold Neon Pygmy :: Eastern Asia S
1185127 Gobiodon okinawae Clown, Yellow :: Eastern Asia M
1185247 Stonogobiops sp. Hi Fin, Red Banded :: Eastern Asia M
Gobies MAC Certified
3186017 Amblygobius hectori Hector’s Goby :: Philippines M
1250007 Doryrhamphus dactyliophorus Banded :: Eastern Asia M
1315012 Acanthurus achilles juv. Achilles, Juvenile :: Central Pacific M
1315560 Acanthurus chirurgus Doctorfish :: East Americas SM
1315257 Naso lituratus Naso :: Eastern Asia M
1315067 Paracanthurus hepatus Blue Hippo :: Eastern Asia ML
1315067 Paracanthurus hepatus Blue Hippo :: Eastern Asia (Select) S
1315344 Zebrasoma xanthurum Purple :: Africa / Red Sea (P1650014) SM
1315532 Zebrasoma flavescens Yellow :: Central Pacific M
Tangs MAC Certified
3315382 Zebrasoma veliferum Sailfin :: Fiji SM
1337556 Cirrhilabrus rubrisquamis Red Velvet Male :: South Asia L
1337047 Cirrhilabrus solorensis Ruby Head / Solorensis Female :: Eastern Asia L
1337512 Halichoeres biocellatus Xmas Fiji Adult :: Central Pacific L
1337367 Wetmorella nigropinnata Yellow-Banded Possum :: Eastern Asia M
Wrasses MAC Certified
3335802 Pseudocheilinus hexataenia Six Line :: Fiji M
1525227 Lybia tessellata, Bunodeopsis sp. Pom Pom :: Eastern Asia S
1525070 Mythrax sculptus Emerald :: East Americas M
Crabs, Hermit
1525437 Calcinus latens / Clibanarius virescens Yellow Tip, Assorted :: Eastern Asia S
1525177 Ciliopagurus strigatus Halloween Orange Band :: Eastern Asia M
1525180 Paguristes cadenati Scarlet :: East Americas (P1650410) M
1535010 Sabella sp. Assorted :: East Americas M
1535027 Sabella sp. Dwarf, Pink :: Eastern Asia M
Shell, Snails
1570501 Cerithium californica Cerith White Cone Tip :: West Americas (P1650381) S
1570662 Nassarius sp. Nassarius :: Central Pacific M
1570281 Nerite sp. Nerite :: West Americas S
1570007 Trochus sp. Spiral Top, Blk & White :: Eastern Asia M
1570151 Turbo sp. Turbo :: West Americas M
1575497 Alpheus randalli Red Banded Pistol :: Eastern Asia S
1575207 Hymenocera sp. Harlequin :: Eastern Asia L
1575096 Lysmata amboinensis Cleaner / Scarlet Skunk :: South Asia L
1575350 Lysmata wurdemanni / boggessi Peppermint :: East Americas M
1575177 Periclimenes sp. Glass :: Eastern Asia S
1575007 Periclimenes brevicarpalis White Spot Anemone :: Eastern Asia S
1575057 Stenopus sp. Coral Banded Yellow :: Eastern Asia S
1575527 Stenopus tenuirostris Coral Banded, Blue :: Eastern Asia S
1575417 Thor amboinensis Sexy Dancer :: Eastern Asia S
1590187 Fromia sp. Marble Orange :: Eastern Asia M
1590352 Linckia / Echinaster sp. Burgundy :: Central Pacific M
1590387 Ophiolepsis / Ophioderma sp. Tiger Brittle :: Eastern Asia M

Quality Marine Fish & Inverts Arrived!

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November 8th, 2013


Another great order of fish and inverts from Quality Marine!  See the full arrival list below:


Great Selection of Corals Right Now!

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October 26th, 2013

Yesterday we received 2 orders of corals of all types!  This is the best selection we’ve had in some time so don’t miss it!

Quality Marine Fish & Inverts Arrived!

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October 18th, 2013


Another great order of fish and inverts from Quality Marine has just arrived! See below for the full arrival list: