XBOX 360 Pico-Reef Aquarium

XBOX 360 Pico-Reef Aquarium


What is this and why would you build it?

This was a custom project that was just for fun.  It’s a fully functional saltwater aquarium, complete with live corals, fish, crabs, snails, and shrimp.  The tank is built into an Xbox 360 case.  The tank itself is made of glass, and is approximately 6″ long, 8″ tall, and 2.5″ wide.  Water volume inside the tank is 0.45 gallons.  The tank is lit with a color-changing (RGB) LED strip.  Lighting color and intensity is controlled with a wireless remote.

Design & Construction

I started by gutting an Xbox.  I purchased a broken console through local classifieds for this purpose (my Xbox is still safe and sound by my TV).   Once all of the internals were removed, the tank was built to fill as much of the console as possible while still allowing room for filtration components.  The viewing window in the console was cut perfectly by water jet.

I wanted to keep the design of the system simple and safe.  Lighting is low-voltage, with the power supply and controller located inside the Xbox’s external power supply box.  I utilized the existing power cable and connection and routed the wiring for the lighting through it.

Filtration is accomplished with an external canister filter adapted to 1/4″ hose.  The filter intake and output is located in the corners of the tank, against the front glass and just out of view.  The canister filter contains a sponge and live rock.


Considering the narrow width of this tank, it would have been nearly impossible to arrange rock and corals from inside the tank.  The background of this tank started as a piece of acrylic that slides into a slot at the rear of the aquarium.  Corals were then glued to the acrylic background with aquarium epoxy.  The faux coraline look is owed to a mixture of pink and grey epoxy.


The maintenance schedule for this tank will be a weekly water change, and daily feeding and top-up.  60% water changes are easily accomplished by disconnecting and refilling the canister filter with freshly mixed saltwater.  We’ve also made a tiny cleaning magnet for the the front glass.


Here’s What People Have To Say about The XBOX 360 Aquarium:


“The XBOX 360 aquarium by Blue World Aquariums is simply a stunning work of both video game console modding and ingenious pico reef aquarium design.”

“Blue World Aquariums has custom-built a doozy of an aquarium.”
Advanced Aquarist Online Magazine

“It looks like they knocked it out of the park…If this tank is any indication of Blue World Aquariums skill, they are going to be a company to watch!”


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  1. omg how much is this i want it so bad

  2. Please let me know when I can purchase one of these. I’m a huge gamer and this is epic. Pure genius.

  3. Same here, How much and when will it be available for purchase?

  4. Seriously, I’m with the other commenters. If you build it, we will buy it! I’m not joking! I really REALLY want this!

  5. Thanks for the interest! However, we won’t be producing any more of these. If you’re interested in having us make something custom for you, please email us.

  6. Interesting  picture gallery ……………………..Great information there, I have always wondered the right way to go about this, thanks for showing me!

  7. Can you tell me how to make one of these please cus this is crazy…

  8. Thank you everyone for your interest in this project! This has been SOLD, and we will not be making another. We can’t make one for you or tell you how to make your own. We make custom tanks and each one is special and unique.

    If you’re interested in having us make something unique and custom, similar to this project, please contact us.

  9. Spencer thanks for the vid mate and to all those screaming that they want one its not hard to make. I have made a mac g5 aquarium and it only took a couple of days to fit out. Would love a salt water one though but im not keen on keeping it stable. What a great job spence might have to make one as a fighter tank.

  10. Wow! This is cool and awesome. Thanks for sharing this to us.

  11. I like the idea of recycling but not much of using the xbox. It’s a bit too small for me and even the window where you can view the marine life is a too small to really appreciate it. You’ll just end up liking the creativity done with the console but not the creatures living inside it.

  12. Nice design for sure! Also check out Xquariumns, converted XBOX consoles at
    They use original XBOX consoles and convert then to aquariums.

  13. I don’t think you should put real fish in it if it is lit by color changing LED; don’t real fish need a particular type of lighting for health? Like vitamins in sunlight sort of thing (or special aquarium bulb.). Maybe I’m wrong! It is a great idea and a company that came out with themed aquariums would make a killing!

  14. Instead of using a real Xbox, a company should make a larger aquarium that looks like an Xbox! If only I had a way to form pieces of plastic…!

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