Blue World Aquariums Will Continue Under New Ownership

Finding a trustworthy business to support your home saltwater tank can be difficult and trusting the wrong business can lead to a lost of wasted money and time on your part. Not to mention how important it is to focus on subjects like sustainability and ethical animal care. If you’re local to Victoria, British Columbia, that’s where Blue World Aquariums entered the picture.

Ethical and Sustainable Practices

This small business didn’t just support the saltwater and reef needs in the Victoria area. Blue World Aquariums also focused heavily on the ethical treatment of their animals, as well as ethical and sustainable acquisition of animals. In fact, this business wouldn’t even purchase animals from suppliers that they believed used unethical methods of animal collection or treatment.

Founded in 2010 by Spencer Shepard and Dr. Gerald Kersten, Blue World Aquariums focused on providing quality products, fair prices, and excellent customer service, while keeping animals at the forefront of the business’s focus. This store was founded by hobbyists, for hobbyists to meet the aquatic needs of the Victoria area.

International Reach

For everyone outside of Victoria, Blue World Aquariums wasn’t off the table for meeting your needs. This business delivered design and installation of aquariums throughout Canada and the United States. Regardless of size or shape, Blue World Aquariums could make a custom aquarium build to meet your needs and make your aquarium dreams come true. They were so trusted for their custom aquarium designing and building skills that they had multiple notable corporate clients, including Microsoft.

New Ownership

Blue World Aquariums was purchased in 2020 by new owners, Marisol and Andrew, who are just as dedicated to the aquarium hobby as the previous owners. They have updated the shop to feature over 3,000 gallons of fish, invertebrates, and corals. They still offer aquarium design and installation work, as well as support and maintenance. They also offer limited home deliveries of supplies and animals in specific geographic areas.

Even with new owners, Blue World Aquariums still maintains its focus on the ethical acquisition and treatment of animals. This is a business you can trust to provide you with excellent customer service, education, and support in your saltwater aquarium journey. Whether you need livestock, information, or products, Blue World Aquariums can still be there for you.